Office Hours (Remote and Onsite) That Students Use

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Office hours provide an invaluable opportunity for instructor-student interaction. Whether running office hours onsite or remotely, you'll explore how to structure and communicate about them to promote your students' engagement and success.

This event will be held remotely. Registrants will be provided with a link to join.

Get concrete ideas and plan how you'll run your office hours — either remotely or onsite — to ensure your students get their needs met, and take advantage of collaborative opportunities while managing technical challenges. Office hours are a chance to build relationships and support student success, as well as answer specific questions. We'll explore the challenges and opportunities so that participants will have an informed approach to decide:

  •  Barriers to your students attending office hours, and how to address them
  •  Draft your text for your syllabus (and emails, and Canvas) inviting and  encouraging students to join
  •  Consider various methods for structuring office hours to get students learning collaboratively, and juggle multiple questions at the same time

Please note: As it is expected that participants will be using many different platforms and approaches to their office hours, this is not a tech support 'how to'. Facilitators will offer an optional tech how-to sandbox from 11:30am – 12:00pm. This might let you be the host, and/or get tech 'how to' guidance on ideas you may have taken away (e.g. Zoom polls or breakout rooms, Piazza best practices).

We'll also touch and provide further resources on:

  • Making them successful
    • What are a few first questions you might ask to build relationships and support student success
    • How you will evaluate if they were effective
  •  Technology
    • Considering asynchronous office hours (e.g. through Piazza, Canvas discussions, Google docs, Padlet or other Q&A means)
    • Distributing and preserving the Q&A and information shared from office hours for all students to use
    • How you'll establish your availability (scheduling)
January 20th, 2022 9:30 AM through 11:30 AM
Online (link will be provided to registrants)
United States